Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bad days stink 1.4

The day began like every other day.  Cassie gets up and makes herself some breakfast.  She thinks to herself looking in the fridge, "what shall I cook today,"  before deciding on some waffles. 

After perfecting her waffles, Cassie sits down and enjoys a plate.  While she eats she thinks of what the day may bring.  Later on that day she gets to go to work, and see her secret crush Jared.  She thought to herself, Oh how his eyes sparkle as he cooks. And the way he handles his food with his cut up hands.  Battle wounds as she likes to call them.  

After eating, she goes to wash her dish.  While turning on the hot water the faucet breaks right off causing water to splash everywhere.  Cassie frustrated, yells at the sink hoping it will fix itself.  After hearing the water spray everywhere, makes her half to go to the bathroom really bad.  She says softly to herself, "Darn this," and runs to the bathroom. 

After using the toilet, she gets up to flush.  The water doesn't go down and starts to look like it might overflow.  Frustrated by everything she thinks to herself... I just want to sink my head in the tub  and forget all this happened.  She looks at the toilet a moment thinking... I don't know how to fix this! She sighs as she calculates her funds... she is saving for a new refrigerator and new counters. She thinks a moment before just throwing up her hands and gets in the tub for a nice long hot bath, "Maybe this will fix everything," she says to herself.

Cassie gets in the bath and submerges her head in the water. Closing her eyes tightly hoping when she opens them everything would just be the same.  She sits after washing herself and looks at the toilet  to see if her wish came true, only to see its still clogged.  She sighs to herself, "well better get working I'll have to go to work soon."  She reaches to the nobs to put a little fresh water in the tub, only to take the faucet right off.  She swears to herself... "REALLY" she yells.  "Can this day get any worse." 

She gets dressed and looks at the tub, "Its starting to overflow and I have to go.  I can't just leave it like this... I'd come home to a flooded house."  She gets out the phone and pulls off a little fake cough and calls in sick. A little trick she learned from skipping school back home.

Hanging up the phone she thinks to herself. Well, I don't want to spend money on a repairman because shes so close to the new refrigerator.  She shrugs and goes to find her tool kit that she stole from her father upon moving, "Well... I'm glad mom suggested I take these."  She chuckled to herself thinking about her mom always being right.  She goes to work until she finally figures out how to fix the faucet. 

Now on to the sink. This should be just like the darn tub. She sighs softly as she struggles with getting it repaired.  "I'm just no good at this."  Just as she was about to give up she looks next to her at the old refrigerator. "Okay, I know I can do this!"  She says encouragingly to herself.  

Finally fixing it, she glances over to the counter, "Well I guess since I'm off work I should clean"  She sighs to herself how she wanted to see Jared and work her charm. 

Cassie, works hard on cleaning up the house until it was completely clean.  After it was all said and done she looks around feeling a bit cooped up she decides to go take Trixy for a ride.  She goes outside, after giving Trixy some attention and telling her about her horrible day.  She mounts her carefully, and directs her to the park.  When she gets there she spots Jared and Connor Frio.  Cassie's eyes light up as she thinks to herself, maybe my day is brightening up. Only to hear Jared swear and start to walk off. 

Cassie:  Wait Jared!!!!  I want to talk to you.  
Jared:  Fudge you, Cassie.

Realizing that Jared was clearly upset she dismounts in a hurry and chases him down.

Out of breath, she finally catches Jared and gets his attention.

Cassie:  Jared, what is wrong?
Jared:  Cassie, I thought you were sick.  I had to do all of your work for you because you were gone.  I'm tired and it appears your not sick at all!
Cassie:  I can explain.  I had a horrible day.  Everything was breaking
Jared:  I don't want  to hear it.  Don't call in sick if your not sick... That's lying!

Cassie upset as she looks into Jared's eyes seeing he is clearly disgusted at her. She thinks to herself, I really like him.  Wont this bad day just end.  She thinks to herself, how can she fix this.

Cassie:  Please... Please... Jared. Please forgive me.  I didn't mean to leave you hanging at work.  I just couldn't leave my house to flood.
Jared:  I don't want to hear it Cassie.  I'm tired and cranky and I just want to go to bed.

Cassie:  Fine!  Don't be understanding.  Just go on to bed.

She shakes her head as Jared just walks off without another word. The sparkle for Jared is definitely gone now. How could he not be at least a little bit understanding? 

With Jared gone she looks around, I'll just enjoy the park for a little bit, she thinks to herself.  Her eyes light up as she sees a wild horse.  She smiles as she tries to approach it.  Though it runs off right away.  She says softly, "Well fine then... I think I can't handle anything else today.  I'm just going to go home."

Getting home, and having a horrible day all around.  She figures its time to just sit down and have good read before calling it a night.


  1. Oh dear, so she has one less man to choose from then! I hope she can make a desision and the man she picks likes her back!

  2. Cassie was a bit silly to go out after calling in sick like that.

  3. Aw, I feel sorta bad for her bad day, but yeah, she shouldn't have gone out after calling in sick. Jared was kinda rude about it though.

    ~Margaret Pendragon