Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bad days stink 1.4

The day began like every other day.  Cassie gets up and makes herself some breakfast.  She thinks to herself looking in the fridge, "what shall I cook today,"  before deciding on some waffles. 

After perfecting her waffles, Cassie sits down and enjoys a plate.  While she eats she thinks of what the day may bring.  Later on that day she gets to go to work, and see her secret crush Jared.  She thought to herself, Oh how his eyes sparkle as he cooks. And the way he handles his food with his cut up hands.  Battle wounds as she likes to call them.  

After eating, she goes to wash her dish.  While turning on the hot water the faucet breaks right off causing water to splash everywhere.  Cassie frustrated, yells at the sink hoping it will fix itself.  After hearing the water spray everywhere, makes her half to go to the bathroom really bad.  She says softly to herself, "Darn this," and runs to the bathroom. 

After using the toilet, she gets up to flush.  The water doesn't go down and starts to look like it might overflow.  Frustrated by everything she thinks to herself... I just want to sink my head in the tub  and forget all this happened.  She looks at the toilet a moment thinking... I don't know how to fix this! She sighs as she calculates her funds... she is saving for a new refrigerator and new counters. She thinks a moment before just throwing up her hands and gets in the tub for a nice long hot bath, "Maybe this will fix everything," she says to herself.

Cassie gets in the bath and submerges her head in the water. Closing her eyes tightly hoping when she opens them everything would just be the same.  She sits after washing herself and looks at the toilet  to see if her wish came true, only to see its still clogged.  She sighs to herself, "well better get working I'll have to go to work soon."  She reaches to the nobs to put a little fresh water in the tub, only to take the faucet right off.  She swears to herself... "REALLY" she yells.  "Can this day get any worse." 

She gets dressed and looks at the tub, "Its starting to overflow and I have to go.  I can't just leave it like this... I'd come home to a flooded house."  She gets out the phone and pulls off a little fake cough and calls in sick. A little trick she learned from skipping school back home.

Hanging up the phone she thinks to herself. Well, I don't want to spend money on a repairman because shes so close to the new refrigerator.  She shrugs and goes to find her tool kit that she stole from her father upon moving, "Well... I'm glad mom suggested I take these."  She chuckled to herself thinking about her mom always being right.  She goes to work until she finally figures out how to fix the faucet. 

Now on to the sink. This should be just like the darn tub. She sighs softly as she struggles with getting it repaired.  "I'm just no good at this."  Just as she was about to give up she looks next to her at the old refrigerator. "Okay, I know I can do this!"  She says encouragingly to herself.  

Finally fixing it, she glances over to the counter, "Well I guess since I'm off work I should clean"  She sighs to herself how she wanted to see Jared and work her charm. 

Cassie, works hard on cleaning up the house until it was completely clean.  After it was all said and done she looks around feeling a bit cooped up she decides to go take Trixy for a ride.  She goes outside, after giving Trixy some attention and telling her about her horrible day.  She mounts her carefully, and directs her to the park.  When she gets there she spots Jared and Connor Frio.  Cassie's eyes light up as she thinks to herself, maybe my day is brightening up. Only to hear Jared swear and start to walk off. 

Cassie:  Wait Jared!!!!  I want to talk to you.  
Jared:  Fudge you, Cassie.

Realizing that Jared was clearly upset she dismounts in a hurry and chases him down.

Out of breath, she finally catches Jared and gets his attention.

Cassie:  Jared, what is wrong?
Jared:  Cassie, I thought you were sick.  I had to do all of your work for you because you were gone.  I'm tired and it appears your not sick at all!
Cassie:  I can explain.  I had a horrible day.  Everything was breaking
Jared:  I don't want  to hear it.  Don't call in sick if your not sick... That's lying!

Cassie upset as she looks into Jared's eyes seeing he is clearly disgusted at her. She thinks to herself, I really like him.  Wont this bad day just end.  She thinks to herself, how can she fix this.

Cassie:  Please... Please... Jared. Please forgive me.  I didn't mean to leave you hanging at work.  I just couldn't leave my house to flood.
Jared:  I don't want to hear it Cassie.  I'm tired and cranky and I just want to go to bed.

Cassie:  Fine!  Don't be understanding.  Just go on to bed.

She shakes her head as Jared just walks off without another word. The sparkle for Jared is definitely gone now. How could he not be at least a little bit understanding? 

With Jared gone she looks around, I'll just enjoy the park for a little bit, she thinks to herself.  Her eyes light up as she sees a wild horse.  She smiles as she tries to approach it.  Though it runs off right away.  She says softly, "Well fine then... I think I can't handle anything else today.  I'm just going to go home."

Getting home, and having a horrible day all around.  She figures its time to just sit down and have good read before calling it a night.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Letter to mom Chapter 1.3

Dear Mom,

I know I have not had a chance to write since I've gotten to my new home.  I've been quite busy with my new job as the Bistro, but mostly couldn't find the library and I hate writing by hand as you know.  Imagine me not being able to find it... I was starting to go crazy.   How are you?  I hope your well and Father is not ... hurting you.  

Anyway, I have so much to tell you!  I know its only been a few weeks since I left but so much has happened!

Trixy has settled in very nicely.  They have a really nice ranch here and she loves running and jumping.  She's constantly going and if she's not she seams quite unhappy.  I got her a big ball that she can kick and throw and run all over the big yard.  

 The other night I took her to the horse ranch I mentioned.  She has yet to try one of the big jumps.  Mom, you should of seen her she was so brave.  Running so fast and actually attempting the jump...

 Even though she didn't make it.  I'm so proud of her for attempting.  She can only get better with practice.

Trixy and I have also had many nice rides.  Can you believe I have gained 4 skill levels since I've moved!  I'm learning so fast and I enjoy feeling the wind in my hair.  Trixy loves to ride as well.

Even at night we try to get as much riding in as possible.  I got a nice new outfit... With better shoes for riding so I'm not falling out of the saddle as often. 

 I have met so many new people here!  Its so hard to remember all there names but I'm going to try!

When I went to the grocery story I met a few cool people. Michael Bachelor was a sweet kid.  He said he wanted to be a chef one day too. Which is why he was hanging out there.  He seemed quite dedicated too because when I left he was doing his homework on the sidewalk.  Why didn't I ever think about that.  I always just blew off my homework.  

I also met River Mclrish.  We had a nice little conversation about picking the right produce for the right  recipes.  

I also met this really nice lady and her daughter!  Mom, she was just so cute!  I wanted to coo over her all day.  I can't wait to start my own family.  Oh I want kids so bad!!!!  With all those cute little cheeks and feet and toes!!! I am going to have like 15 if I CAN!  Maybe, maybe I'll settle for less.  

But, mom.... The men... So many.  They are all nice in there own way.  Who shall I pick?  I just don't know.... 

I really have a big crush on this guy from work (mostly because well he was cute! and he cooked)  I work with him but, I can't seem to get very close to him.  Though I do at least know his name, Jared Frio!  My heart just flutters when I even think about him.

There also is Geoffrey Landgraab.  He is so sweet and is very concerned about family.  I just love that!  He has a great sense of humar and knows just what to say to make me laugh.  He also is very romantic.  I mean I would say the perfect match but.... he is married.  Doesn't stop me flirting though.

There also is Connor Frio... Yes Jared's brother.  He is sweet and nice and fun to talk to. We definitely becoming very friends. But, he doesn't like to flirt much which is half the fun.

Not that I don't have enough men to choose from...  But, I also met this sweet guy.  Stiles McGraw, he seams to be very neat. Because when he came over he started cleaning... But, he also loves the outdoors as well! Which I really like since I love being outside and am so much!

I just don't know who to pick!!!!!  I guess only time will tell.  

And mom....  You never told me how much in bills you had to pay.  I have officially realized that I HATE BILLS....


Friday, January 11, 2013

Really I have to work? Chapter 1.2

Cassie opens her eye's sitting, and sits up and looks around a moment a bit confused.  She reaches back to straiten her hair as she looks around the room.  Cassie giggles to herself, realizing that she is no longer in her parents house in her old bedroom, but in her new house her late Aunt Peggy had left her. She slowly gets up and makes her bed, humming softly to herself as she thought of her Aunt.  Not knowing her Aunt very well she was quite surprised when she was told that she was left the house.  But, it definitely could have not come at a better time, her father had just kicked her out and she had no other place to turn. She shakes her head a moment, before looking at the time.  Gasping in surprise, as she realized it was already ten o'clock, she curses to herself.

"Its my first day of work..... and I have so much to do," she says to herself as she rushes over to the dresser to get changed.

She gets dressed in her new uniform and begins to relax a bit.  She was quite nervous because today was her first day at her new job and didn't want to disappoint anyone especially her new boss.  She gets dressed in her new uniform and begins to relax a bit.  She was quite nervous because today was her first day at her new job and didn't want to disappoint anyone especially her new boss.

Cassie walks over to the refrigerator, and opens it. Seeing that it is  relativity empty, she sighs to herself, and mutters "I forgot to go to the grocery store when I was out, yesterday." 

 Luckily Aunt Peggy's friend Gorge had left some vegetables for her.  She took some out and carefully cut up the ingredients and made her a beautifully made salad.  

After Cassie eats and brushes her teeth.  She looks into the mirror and says to herself, "Okay Cassie, you can do this.  First day of the rest of your life and you will prove Father wrong!"  Smiling, back at herself, because she feels more confident after the little pep-talk.

She went outside, to have Trixy greet her as soon as she walked out the door. "Well hello, girl" she says as she rubs Trixy's neck.  Cassie takes a brush out of her pocket and brushes, Trixy as she says, "Well, Trix ... today is my first day at my new job.  I hope, I'll do well.  I believe I'm a good cook and mom always told me I cooked a really good mac and cheese."  She smiles, brightly at the memory.  

Enjoying her few moments with Trixy.  Cassie looks down at her watch, and sighs a moment.  "Well I have just a little over a hour before I have to be at work." she says to Trixy, "lets ride to the horse ranch."  

She mounts, Trixy quickly, grabbing the reins as she squeezes her legs together softly to signal Trixy to go.  Wanting to feel the wind in her hair she commands Trixy to gallop.   Keeping the pace they make it to the Horse ranch quickly.  

When they arrive at there destination, Cassie takes out the last leaf a lettuce from the refrigerator and feeds it to Trixy. "Well, my little pony.  I've got to get to work before I'm late on my first day. But, I bet you will have fun here."  She looks around a moment and smiles at all the jumps and toys in the big field.  She gives Trixy one last hug before heading off to work.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Move in day Chapter 1.1

Cassie Dame arrived at her new house in Sunset Valley.  A bit exhausted from her travels and a little overwhelmed since this is her first time out on her own. 

 She opens the front door and takes a peak inside and says, "Its nothing spectacular, but at least it is a roof over my head.  She quickly closes the door and turns to her best friend in the world, Trixy.  

She smiles up at her friend and pets her mane slowly. "You know, Trixy I'm glad we are out away from everyone. But, it feels so weird being on our own.  I'm glad you are here with me."  Cassie says softly as she brushes Trixy's fine fur. 

 Cassie looks at her new house a moment and then back at Trixy and takes a deep sigh.  She smiles brightly, at her horse friend and says, "It's to nice outside to go in right now.  Why don't you say we  go check out the neighborhood and see what we are getting our selves into?" she asks Trixy jokingly.  Cassie, not wanting to take the time to go change quickly checks Trixy's saddle and mounted her.  Struggling a bit, with her high heals she curses her impatience silently.  

Cassie, feeling a bit untrained in the saddle she holds on to the reins tightly as she leads Trixy down the street.  Starting to feel a bit more at ease on the back of her long time friend her mind starts to drift. She remembers leaving home, her mom in tears and her father yelling at her to get out.  How she hated the man and his abusive ways.  He said she was worth nothing and all she wanted to do was ride her horse.  She thought a moment,  as this is true she knows shes worth more and she is determined to prove it.  She always dreamed of being a champion horse back rider but also really enjoyed cooking (mostly because it came so easy to her).

 Cassie frowns slightly as her thoughts shift to her mother.  She worried he would hurt her more if she wasn't there for him to take his anger out on but, she was afraid and just couldn't do it anymore.  She sighs slightly before she is brought back to reality with a big bump.  Cassie reaches slightly rubs her back as she lets out a soft, "ouch"  Smiling a moment she pats Trixy's neck slightly as she rides, realizing her emotions were getting the most of her.  "I know girl.  I know.  We are safe and away now! This will be wonderful" she says in a soft tender voice as she looks around her new neighborhood.

She rides into the middle of town looking at all the buildings.  She says softly to herself, "Definitely a lot more to do around her then back home."  She looks over her right shoulder and looks out at the park smiling brightly, how she loves the outdoors. 

 As she is looking over the park she wonders why no one is around before all the noise to her left drew her in.  A rally was bing held at city hall.  "What are they doing over there?" she asks Trixy in a confused voice. Coming from a very small town she wasn't used to so much noise and unrest. She shrugs it off as she continues down the road.

She gets to a Bistro and feeling a bit hungry she decides to stop for a quick bite to eat.  She quickly dismounts, only to fall on her behind forgetting she never changed her shoes.  She curses quietly to herself, "why didn't I change" she whispers angrily as she gets up and dusts herself off.  Cassie reaches into her pockets to get some money.  Only to realize she doesn't have much left from the move.  She sighs softly as she looks at Trixy.  "Well maybe I should ask if they are hiring instead?" She asks her best horse pall. With a quick nod from Trixy, she heads in with confidence.

She walks up to the counter and asks politely for the manager.  The waitress told her to sit down at a table and someone will be with her as soon as possible.  A bit nervous Cassie sits down and folds her arms in her lap as she patiently awaits.  Only a minute later the manager walks out.  She introduces herself and told him how she really wanted to be a great chef one day.  She really wanted to know how to make every recipe that she could ever get her hands on.  The manager impressed as he listens to her gave her a job starting the very next day.   Cassie, excited and so proud of herself rushes out to tell Trixy the great news. 

So excited she mounts Trixy in a rush as she tells her of her success! "We will show Father!" she says proudly as she swings her leg over to the other side.  She looks down to rub Trixy's neck realizing in her excitement she is facing the wrong way

.  She giggles softly to herself and turns around.  She looks down and gives Trixy a soft hug from above being careful not to lean to far.  She says softly, "Well girl its been a long day.  Maybe we should head home and rest." she says softly before heading to their new home.